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DREAM Recreation covers a variety of exciting programs:

  • DREAM Barre Fitness
  • Fun with our Fitness Fanatics
  • Tumble Lessons  
  • Birthday Parties  
  • Camps

DREAM Barre Fitness is our women's fitness program for ages 16 years and up, designed for those seeking a studio setting with an intense total body workout.  Our certified fitness professionals provide individualized attention within our smaller class settings. 

Fun with our Fitness Fanatics is our K-6th fitness program that instills discipline, self-control, and healthy eating/exercising habits at an early age.

FDC offers Tumble Lessons for toddlers, pre-schoolers, Level I, and Level II.

FDC has birthday parties that are staff-led so the parent can relax and enjoy the day with their birthday child.

Our camps are offered mostly during the summer and are a combination of many of the programs we offer at FDC. From dance, drama, music, art, etiquette, and much more, your child is sure to have a blast.

Click here to read more about our FDC Camps---Link Coming Soon

DREAM Barre Fitness

DREAM Barre Fitness is an intense total body workout that fuses techniques from Ballet and Pilates. We emphasize proper alignment zoning in on women's problem areas: abs, thighs, glutes, and arms. Through intense isometric movements with high repetitions, light weights, and use of your own body weight, we fatigue and stretch the muscle group, achieving long and sculpted muscles.  Some exercises use a larger range of motion that keeps our heart rate up while protecting our joints.  The workout requires total mind and body concentration so that after an hour you have exercised both your mind and body for the day! With a healthy diet and lifestyle, our clients see results after just 10 classes.  Want the look of a long, lean, sculpted dancer, but never owned a pair of ballet shoes?  Miss your old ballet shoes?  Then DREAM Barre Fitness is perfect for you!  Either way, you can get your DREAM body at DREAM Barre Fitness!  Come see us soon!

Benefits of Barre:


  • Increase muscle density

  • Decrease body fat

  • Increase metabolism

  • Improve posture, flexibility, and range of motion

  • Protect your joints

  • Increase your mind – body connection

DREAM Barre Studio is a beautiful facility that offers our clients a state-of-the-art workout room with sprung floors, mirrors, and barres.  We have dressing rooms and cubbies for your belongings.  In our lobby, browse our barre attire.  We sell the most durable and breathable workout wear on the market.  

DREAM Barre Fitness Q & A:

1.  What do I wear and need to bring?


  • fitted work-out pants or capris

  • tank top or comfortable work-out shirt (no mid-drift tops, please)

  • socks (we sell these if you do not have them)

  • water bottle (no other liquids permitted besides water in studio)


2.  I haven't worked out in a while; can I do this?


The workouts are intense because we believe the reason you're coming is to see results and change your body.  Our instructors always show modifications for all of our exercises, making this class appropriate for the beginner to advance.  We offer a selection of weights to choose from, allowing you to pick the weight that is challenging for your body.


3.  What music is used?


We constantly are changing and mixing up our playlist for the class.  We use a variety of styles of   music, keeping it upbeat so that are clients are not bored.


4.  Should I expect the same work-out every class?


Every class will have concentrated exercises that target the abs, thighs, glutes, hips, calves, and arms.  However, we frequently change our choreography to challenge our minds and our bodies.  We will always use the ballet barre for support and balance, the mat for the floor, a small playground ball, and light hand weights.


5.  How often should I take barre classes, and do I need to do other forms of exercise with barre?


For maximum results we recommend taking 3-5 barre classes a week.  All of the classes incorporate  cardio and strength, making the class a complete work-out, but it is always up to an individual to incorporate other fitness exercises.


6.  If I have an injury or am pregnant, can I take the class?


We always recommend you consult your doctor, but YES!  Please notify your instructor so he or she can be aware of any additional modifications you need before the class.


7.  Is child care offered?


YES! We are unique in that our program offers child care for you!  However, we do request that when you sign up for classes, you tell our staff how many children you will be bringing to our Play Zone.  We take children ages 3 months – 12 years old on Monday through Friday mornings.


8.  How is DREAM Barre Fitness different from other Barre studios?


DREAM Barre Fitness is different from most barre studios out there in that we offer two formats for barre.  We have our challenging DREAM Barre Sculpt and our DREAM Cardio Burn Barre.


We are also unique because while working out, you can also enroll your child in his/her own extracurricular activity.  Family D.R.E.A.M Center offers a variety of kids’ classes/lessons such as:


  • DREAM Dance Conservatory classes

  • Music classes

  • Etiquette and character-building classes

  • Art lessons/workshops

  • Tumble lessons

  • and much more!

DREAM Barre Fitness Policy


Please arrive 10 minutes early to class.

Please wear socks and have appropriate work out attire on: fitted work-out pants/capris/leggings, tank top or workout shirt (no mid drift tops), and socks.

Please no gum or food in the studio. Water only inside the studio.

All personal belongings, including all cell phones (must be on vibrate) must be stored in the cubbies for the duration of class. Please no street shoes on the studio floor as this can ruin the floors.



Please register, pay, and reserve your classes online.  Once you click to register, you will be redirected to the MindBody scheduler.  You can see the available classes on the available days of the week with whom is scheduled to teach the class. You can reserve your classes several weeks in advance!  Walk ins are permitted if space allowance is available, however, we STRONGLY encourage you to schedule your classes online.  By not scheduling your classes, you risk arriving to class and it being full.


Cancellation Policy:


At DREAM Barre Fitness we understand there may be circumstances that arise in which you would need to cancel a class you have already reserved.  We request that you give a cancellation notice no later than one hour before the time your class begins.  You may do this directly on the MindBody scheduling website OR you may email us at:


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Please do not call the front desk for cancellations as there may not be anyone available at the moment to answer your call.


In the event you cancel within the one hour time frame or no show for class we reserve the right to:


  • deduct a class from your total package if you have a class package (single class purchase, 5 class package, 10 class package, etc.)

  • charge your account $18 if you have a New Client Special or an Unlimited month


This policy will be enforced as it will be posted at the DREAM Barre Fitness, and on the MindBody Scheduler when scheduling your classes.


Feel free to email our front desk with any questions at:


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Age Requirements:


DREAM Barre Fitness requires that all clients must be 16 years of age and older to attend a class.  All clients will be expected to sign a waiver of consent before participating in any class.  Parents/guardians will be required to sign a waiver of consent for all minors.


Lost Items


DREAM Barre Fitness/FDC is not responsible for lost or stolen items while on the FDC premises.  You may check with the front desk to see if anything as been turned in.




Participant Name: ______________________________________


Date: __________________

Acro-Tumble Lessons

Acro-tumbling develops strength, flexibility, and discipline while improving your kinesthetic learning in a fun and structured environment.  Tumbling with one of FDC's highly certified tumble instructors is a great way to build confidence in your child or youth. 

Tumbling is a form of acrobatic activity that involves warm-ups, forward and backward rolls, backbends, walkovers, back springs, cartwheels, round offs, jumps, back hand springs, and much more.  From toddlers to Level II tumblers, we offer classes in our facility that have padded spring floors, mats, and tumble equipment.


Tumble Lessons Schedule


Pre-Tumble (3-5 yr.): Wednesday 5:15-6:00pm

Level I & II Tumble: Wednesday 6:00-7:00pm


Why should my child take acro/tumbling? Are there benefits for child when taking acro-tumbling?

Yes!  Acro-tumbling teaches essential skills needed for competition and builds full-body strength for the dancer. Cartwheels, front and back walk-overs, aerials, back handsprings, and more are constantly used in competition.

If your child is considering auditioning for competition teams acro-tumbling is important to their success in making a team. What can I expect my child to work on in acro?

FDC acro-tumbling classes are progressive, meaning what is learned at the beginning Level I class will be carried over to the Level II class. We concentrate on perfecting skills as your child moves up.

In Level I classes, your child will learn the importance of protecting their body should they fall when learning how to roll. The basis for all progressive moves such as cartwheels, front and back walkovers/handsprings begin with mastering and perfecting a handstand. Also taught in Level I are perfect back-bends and kick-overs.  

Level II classes will consist of teaching front and back walkovers, dive cartwheels, and handspring drills, as well as, perfecting Level I skills.

When should my child begin acro?

As with other skills, the sooner your child is able to begin the sooner they build skills needed for acro-tumbling.  Our acro/tumbling classes begin at age 2 1/2 and are a great addition to the curriculum for young dancers as it greatly enhances their core strength.

Enrollment in acro-tumbling can happen at any age, as age does not determine ability. Check with the front desk to enroll your child in the appropriate class.

Why enroll in Acro-Tumbling at FDC?

Our commitment to our dancers is to provide the very best instructors and equipment in-studio.

Family D.R.E.A.M. Center dance has three state-of-the-art studios featuring spring-loaded floors which allows dancers to try skills in a safe environment.

Fun with our Fitness Fanatics

Fun with our Fitness Fanatics is our K-6th fitness program that instills discipline, self-control, and healthy eating/exercising habits at an early age.  We believe that healthy living starts the moment a child is born.  From Zumba Kid and Turbo Kid to boot camps, we provide a variety of classes that make fitness a blast.


With constant technology surrounding our kids, it is becoming more and more challenging to keep our kids physically active.  Exercise for kids can come through playing, sports, PE, dance, and Fun with our Fitness Fanatics!


Fun with our Fitness Fanatics has something for that active youth but also offers something unique for that child who has not fallen in love with a particular fitness activity.  Our fitness instructors are certified fitness professionals who make fitness a blast.  Each class will not only get your child moving but will also educate him/her on the importance of nutrition and exercise in daily life.


Fun with our Fitness Fanatics Schedule





Benefits of Fitness for Kids:


  • Reduce the risk of childhood obesity

  • Reduce the risk of diseases such as type 2 diabetes

  • Prevents high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels

  • Develops stronger muscles and bones

  • Helps with sleeping habits

  • Increases self-confidence


Healthy nutrition is as important for educating parents as kids.  


At FDC, we are passionate about helping your kids understand healthy snacks and meals.  Here are a few helpful links to refer to:


What is Clean Eating?


Ready to Eat Clean but the Kids Aren't?


5 Ways to get the Kids Eating Clean


How to Eat Clean in a Restaurant


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