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Acro-Tumble Lessons

Acro-tumbling develops strength, flexibility, and discipline while improving your kinesthetic learning in a fun and structured environment.  Tumbling with one of FDC's highly certified tumble instructors is a great way to build confidence in your child or youth. 

Tumbling is a form of acrobatic activity that involves warm-ups, forward and backward rolls, backbends, walkovers, back springs, cartwheels, round offs, jumps, back hand springs, and much more.  From toddlers to Level II tumblers, we offer classes in our facility that have padded spring floors, mats, and tumble equipment.


Tumble Lessons Schedule


Pre-Tumble (3-5 yr.): Wednesday 5:15-6:00pm

Level I & II Tumble: Wednesday 6:00-7:00pm


Why should my child take acro/tumbling? Are there benefits for child when taking acro-tumbling?

Yes!  Acro-tumbling teaches essential skills needed for competition and builds full-body strength for the dancer. Cartwheels, front and back walk-overs, aerials, back handsprings, and more are constantly used in competition.

If your child is considering auditioning for competition teams acro-tumbling is important to their success in making a team. What can I expect my child to work on in acro?

FDC acro-tumbling classes are progressive, meaning what is learned at the beginning Level I class will be carried over to the Level II class. We concentrate on perfecting skills as your child moves up.

In Level I classes, your child will learn the importance of protecting their body should they fall when learning how to roll. The basis for all progressive moves such as cartwheels, front and back walkovers/handsprings begin with mastering and perfecting a handstand. Also taught in Level I are perfect back-bends and kick-overs.  

Level II classes will consist of teaching front and back walkovers, dive cartwheels, and handspring drills, as well as, perfecting Level I skills.

When should my child begin acro?

As with other skills, the sooner your child is able to begin the sooner they build skills needed for acro-tumbling.  Our acro/tumbling classes begin at age 2 1/2 and are a great addition to the curriculum for young dancers as it greatly enhances their core strength.

Enrollment in acro-tumbling can happen at any age, as age does not determine ability. Check with the front desk to enroll your child in the appropriate class.

Why enroll in Acro-Tumbling at FDC?

Our commitment to our dancers is to provide the very best instructors and equipment in-studio.

Family D.R.E.A.M. Center dance has three state-of-the-art studios featuring spring-loaded floors which allows dancers to try skills in a safe environment.