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Fun with our Fitness Fanatics

Fun with our Fitness Fanatics is our K-6th fitness program that instills discipline, self-control, and healthy eating/exercising habits at an early age.  We believe that healthy living starts the moment a child is born.  From Zumba Kid and Turbo Kid to boot camps, we provide a variety of classes that make fitness a blast.


With constant technology surrounding our kids, it is becoming more and more challenging to keep our kids physically active.  Exercise for kids can come through playing, sports, PE, dance, and Fun with our Fitness Fanatics!


Fun with our Fitness Fanatics has something for that active youth but also offers something unique for that child who has not fallen in love with a particular fitness activity.  Our fitness instructors are certified fitness professionals who make fitness a blast.  Each class will not only get your child moving but will also educate him/her on the importance of nutrition and exercise in daily life.


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