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DREAM Barre Fitness Q & A:

1.  What do I wear and need to bring?


  • fitted work-out pants or capris

  • tank top or comfortable work-out shirt (no mid-drift tops, please)

  • socks (we sell these if you do not have them)

  • water bottle (no other liquids permitted besides water in studio)


2.  I haven't worked out in a while; can I do this?


The workouts are intense because we believe the reason you're coming is to see results and change your body.  Our instructors always show modifications for all of our exercises, making this class appropriate for the beginner to advance.  We offer a selection of weights to choose from, allowing you to pick the weight that is challenging for your body.


3.  What music is used?


We constantly are changing and mixing up our playlist for the class.  We use a variety of styles of   music, keeping it upbeat so that are clients are not bored.


4.  Should I expect the same work-out every class?


Every class will have concentrated exercises that target the abs, thighs, glutes, hips, calves, and arms.  However, we frequently change our choreography to challenge our minds and our bodies.  We will always use the ballet barre for support and balance, the mat for the floor, a small playground ball, and light hand weights.


5.  How often should I take barre classes, and do I need to do other forms of exercise with barre?


For maximum results we recommend taking 3-5 barre classes a week.  All of the classes incorporate  cardio and strength, making the class a complete work-out, but it is always up to an individual to incorporate other fitness exercises.


6.  If I have an injury or am pregnant, can I take the class?


We always recommend you consult your doctor, but YES!  Please notify your instructor so he or she can be aware of any additional modifications you need before the class.


7.  Is child care offered?


YES! We are unique in that our program offers child care for you!  However, we do request that when you sign up for classes, you tell our staff how many children you will be bringing to our Play Zone.  We take children ages 3 months – 12 years old on Monday through Friday mornings.


8.  How is DREAM Barre Fitness different from other Barre studios?


DREAM Barre Fitness is different from most barre studios out there in that we offer two formats for barre.  We have our challenging DREAM Barre Sculpt and our DREAM Cardio Burn Barre.


We are also unique because while working out, you can also enroll your child in his/her own extracurricular activity.  Family D.R.E.A.M Center offers a variety of kids’ classes/lessons such as:


  • DREAM Dance Conservatory classes

  • Music classes

  • Etiquette and character-building classes

  • Art lessons/workshops

  • Tumble lessons

  • and much more!