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DREAM Conservatory Q & A:


How early can my child begin dance lessons?

Children can begin dancing as early as two years of age when they have the motor skills to participate.  Some children are more physical, and some are more verbal at a young age.  DREAM Conservatory does offer a Mommy & Me dance class for 18-36 months if you feel your little one is not quite ready to dance without you.  Ballet, Tap, and Tumble are offered for our toddlers and pre-schoolers.  Posture, turn-out, flexibility, coordination, rhythm, and musicality are all benefits of growth for your little dancer.


What benefits will my child gain from taking dance lessons?

With proper training your child will develop agility, grace, and proper body alignment.  Flexibility, coordination, and appreciation for the performing arts will be developed as well.  The class structure teaches children discipline, self-control, and team-building skills.  Self-confidence and self-expression are developed through the beauty of dance.


Should my son take dance lessons?

Absolutely yes!  It is just as important for boys to have exposure to the performing arts and learn rhythm, timing, classroom etiquette, and coordination.  Dance increases strength and flexibility that will help improve all future sports activities.


Why is taking ballet above other styles so important?

Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms.  In ballet, your child will understand technique, placement, and muscle control that is fundamentally necessary to properly execute all techniques and styles of dance.  Ballet was born in the 18th century and has continued to evolve over the years as world- renowned entertainment.  Ballet is in the French language, and by learning the proper terminology, execution will become easier and have more meaning.  Dance is an art form that connects the mind and body and requires hours of practice to perfect it.


When will my child begin Ballet pointe training?

If children develop a strong ballet technique, their feet and muscles are strong and properly developed. A child can begin pointe work around the age of 11.  Starting pointe prematurely can be very dangerous and can cause lifelong disabilities.


Why do kids need to take Ballet if they want to do Jazz Class?

Proper Jazz technique stems from technique that is gained from ballet.  Jazz is an exciting and fun, so  many dancers are eager to take it.  However, without proper Ballet fundamentals, a young dancer will not be able to execute the movement of jazz properly.


What is Hip-Hop?

Hip-Hop is a style of Jazz dance that incorporates break dancing, popping, locking, and urban funk.  Hip-Hop first appeared in the early 1960s and has proven its style through time as Hip-Hop music and dance have taken on many new forms since the 1990s.  Hip-Hop is a fun break from the turn-out and technique for the trained dancer, and it's fun for the dancer with very little or no formal training.